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If You Like Janet Evanovich…

Janet Evanovich is consistently one of the most popular authors at the library. Her latest novel, Finger Lickin’ Fifiteen, has been on our list of most requested books since early last spring.

If you’re a fan of Evanovich and her lingerie buyer turned bounty-hunter heroine Stephanie Plum, you might also enjoy one of these series.

  • Wollie Shelley series
    by Harley Jane Kozak
    Spunky single gal Wollie Shelley is a greeting card artist and budding private eye who finds herself involved in delightfully screwball, totally outlandish murder mysteries. First in the series is Dating Dead Men.
  • Bubbles Yablonsky series
    by Sarah Strohmeyer
    Beautician/cub reporter/amateur sleuth Yablonsky is a divorced single Mom in Pennsylvania with a penchant for Camaros, tube tops, and solving crimes. First in the series is Bubbles Unbound.
  • Sam Jones series
    by Lauren Henderson
    Stephanie Plum + Bridget Jones = Sam Jones, a sassy, sexy sculptor who stumbles upon a variety of murders and other crimes while making her way upward on London’s hip art scene. First in the series is Black Rubber Dress.
  • Myron Bolitar series
    by Harlan Coben
    A very funny, award-winning series featuring Myron Bolitar, a professional sports agent/amateur gumshoe surrounded by a cast of great characters, led by a charmingly psychotic sidekick with a dandy fashion sense. First in the series is Deal Breaker.
  • Heather Wells series
    by Meg Cabot
    After losing her fame, fortune, and waistline, former teen pop idol Heather Wells heads to college, where she takes a job as an R.A. and becomes an amateur sleuth. As she looks for love and searches for criminals, campus hilarity ensues. First in the series is Size 12 Is Not Fat.
  • Talba Willis series
    by Julie Smith
    Willis is a computer expert by day and a hip hop poet on New Orleans’ café scene by night. In between, she solves crimes with the help of Eddie Valentino, an aging private eye, and her larger-than-life mama, Miz Clara. First in the series is Louisiana Hotshot.
  • Sofie Metropolis series
    by Tori Carrington
    Sofie is a good Greek-American girl, until she’s jilted at the altar and decides to remake her life. She takes a job with her uncle, a P.I. in working-class Queens and finds herself surrounded by screwball crimes and wacky characters, most of whom are in her family. First in the series is Sofie Metropolis.

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