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If You Like Jodi Picoult…

If you like Jodi Picoult, you might enjoy these titles as well.

  • Amy and Isabelle
    by Elizabeth Strout
    A teenage girl’s affair with her teacher shatters her relationship with her mother, dredging up deep-seated guilt and long-buried secrets.
  • The Condition
    by Jennifer Haigh
    After the youngest child of a well-to-do family is diagnosed with a rare disorder that prevents her from physically maturing, the family unravels over several decades.
  • The Good Mother
    by Sue Miller
    A newly divorced mother’s affair leads to accusations of child abuse, a bitter custody battle, and gripping courtroom drama.
  • Midwives
    by Chris Bohjalian
    When a home birth goes awry, a midwife finds herself at the center of a medical debate and on trial for murder.
  • More Than It Hurts You
    by Darin Strauss
    A child’s sickness leads a doctor to suspect Munchausen-by-Proxy syndrome, a diagnosis that will forever change the lives of everyone involved.
  • My Abandonment
    by Peter Rock
    A father and daughter’s “off the grid” homeless lifestyle is turned upside down when a jogger accidentally discovers them and reports them to the authorities.
  • The Rest of Her Life
    by Laura Moriarity
    A teenager’s careless driving leads to a fatal accident that shatters a family’s already fragile existence and polarizes a small town in Kansas.
  • The River Road
    by Karen Osborn
    Two brothers and the girl they both love make a reckless choice that ends in death for one and a lifetime of tragic consequences for the other two.
  • A Theory of Relativity
    by Jacquelyn Mitchard
    A bitter family drama unfolds in the courtroom after a young child is left orphaned by a car crash, leaving relations to fight over her custody.
  • We Need To Talk About Kevin
    by Lionel Shriver
    The mother of a 17-year-old in jail for a school shooting tries to resolve her parental guilt by writing a series of brutally honest letters to her estranged husband.

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