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Summer Reading For Artists

This year’s summer reading program is full of fun and food, games and prizes – but what about the books?  Not to worry, we still have scads of those, too!  Summer in the City just wouldn’t be complete without great reads to jog your mind on these lazy days.



An Object of Beauty by Steve MartinBook Cover

Lacey Yeager is young, ambitious, and looking to take the NYC art world by storm. Hungry to climb the social ladder, her ascension parallels the soaring highs and lows of the art world.


I am Madame X by Gioia DilibertoI am madame x book cover

When John Singer Sargent unveiled Madame X at the 1884 Paris Salon, its subject’s provocative pose shocked the critics.  This is Madame X’s story, drawing on historical facts to re-create the captivating milieu of 19th-century Paris.


Visual Shock: A History of Art Controversies in American Culture Visual Shock book cover
by Michael Kammen

Michael Kammen presents an analysis of cutting-edge art and artists and their ability to both delight and provoke us.


The Painted Word by Tom WolfeThe Painted Word Book Cover

“America’s nerviest journalist” addresses the scope of Modern Art from  Abstract Expressionism through its transformations to Pop, Op, Minimal, and Conceptual.


Rembrandt’s Eyes by Simon SchamaRembrandt's Eyes Book Cover

The great 17th-century Dutch artist left us so many arresting self-portraits that his distinctive face has become a familiar part of the 20th-century cultural landscape.  Nonetheless, the artist himself remains tantalizingly an enigma.

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