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Summer Reading for Book Worms

This year’s summer reading program is full of fun and food, games and prizes – but what about the books?  Not to worry, we still have scads of those, too!  Summer in the City just wouldn’t be complete without great reads to jog your mind on these lazy days.


Rereadings: Seventeen Writers Revisit Books They Love by Anne FadimanRereadings book cover

Is a book the same book–or a reader the same reader–the second time around?  Seventeen authors agree on the answer: Never.


Why Read Moby Dick? by Nathaniel PhilbrickWhy Read Moby-Dick book cover

Moby Dick is one of the greatest of the Great American Novels, but its esoteric subject keeps readers at bay. Fortunately, one unabashed fan wants passionately to give Melville’s masterpiece the audience it deserves!


Sixpence House : Lost in a Town of Books by Paul CollinsSixpence House book cover

Paul Collins moves to the Welsh village of Hay-on-Wye, the “Town of Books,” and takes readers into a secluded sanctuary for book lovers.


Club Dumas by Arturo Pérez-ReverteThe Club Dumas book cover

Lucas Corso is a book detective hired to hunt down rare editions. When a well-known bibliophile is found dead, Corso winds up traveling from Madrid to Toledo to Paris on the killer’s trail.


The Thirteenth Tale by  Diane Setterfieldthe thirteenth tale book cover

Antiquarian bookseller Margaret Lea finds herself entrenched in a mystery surrounding the British novel Miss Winter’s Thirteen Tales of Change and Desperation.


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