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Meet the Author: Tessa Gratton

On August 25th, we’re hosting three young adult authors for a library event: Maggie Stiefvater, Brenna Yovanoff, and Tessa Gratton. Their new short story collection, The Curiosities, grew out of their collaboration as the Merry Sisters of Fate. Before the big day, we’re giving you a taste of their work.

Tessa Gratton’s debut novel, Blood Magic, is a dark paranormal romance set in a small Missouri town. Told in alternating first person point of views mixed with diary entries, it’s a tale of witchcraft that fans of Twilight and Hex Hall will enjoy.

Silla’s has just lost her parents in an apparent murder-suicide when a mysterious package is sent to her from someone known only as the Deacon. The package contains a spell book in her dad’s handwriting, though she never knew her father was anything other than the local Latin teacher. When she tries her first spell in the graveyard bordering her house, Nick, her new neighbor, witnesses her turn a dead leaf green again with just a bit of salt and a drop of blood. Nick is no stranger to blood magic, and it’s no coincidence he’s moved in next door to Silla. Together they uncover the truth of their pasts and the magic that runs in their veins.

Tessa’s next book, The Blood Keeper, is due out this fall and is another tale of mystery and magic. But it isn’t all blood and witches for Tessa. Next year, she’ll release the first book in a new series, The Songs of Asgard, an alternative history of the US where the Norse gods walk among us.

To find out more about Tessa, visit her website. Check out Blood Magic today, before she visits the library!

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