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Summer Reading for Good Citizens

This year’s summer reading program is full of fun and food, games and prizes – but what about the books?  Not to worry, we still have scads of those, too!  Summer in the City just wouldn’t be complete without great reads to jog your mind on these lazy days.



Short Girls by Bich Minh NguyenShort Girls book cover

Van and Linny are as baffling to each other as their parents’ Vietnamese legacy is to them both. But when summoned for their dad’s citizenship party, the siblings find common ground.


Good Neighbors by Ryan David JahnGood Neighbors book cover

At 4:00 am on March 13, 1964, a woman is attacked in the courtyard of her building. Unfolding over the course of two hours, this is the story of the woman’s last night, and the bystanders who hear her cries but keep to themselves.


Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy KidderMountains beyond Mountains book cover

Dr. Paul Farmer travels from Harvard to Haiti, Peru, Cuba and Russia, treating infectious diseases and bringing lifesaving modern medicine to those who need it most.


The Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah VowellThe Partly Cloudy Patriot book cover

Why is Vowell happiest when visiting the sites of bloody struggles like Gettysburg? Why do people always inappropriately compare themselves to Rosa Parks? And why must doubt and internal arguments haunt the sleepless nights of the true patriot?


Half the Sky by Nicholas KristofHalf the Sky book cover

Two Pulitzer Prize-winners issue a call to arms against a pervasive human rights violation: the oppression of women in the developing world.


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