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Teen Picks: “Stupid Fast” by Geoff Herbach

Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach

What’s it about? Felton Reinstein has a Jew-fro. Or at least that’s what his mother calls it because his dad was a short, Jewish man, who liked to read poetry. But then why is Felton fifteen and already over six foot tall? Why is he the second fastest guy behind Ken Johnson in his school? And why, suddenly, are all of the jocks and sports coaches contacting him? Because he’s Stupid Fast, that’s why. But that still doesn’t explain why his mother has gone crazy, withdrawing from the world and neglecting him and his younger brother, Andrew. Finally, on top of a dysfunctional family and his new found athletic prowess, he’s falling for the girl next door, Aleah Jennings when all he can really do is run.

What did you think about it? I decided to read this book because once upon a time I saw Geoff Herbach make funny videos about how to improve your writing and he struck me as a cool guy. Mostly because in every video he looked like he had just woken up, but also because he said things that really made sense! So I read Stupid Fast. And I was blown away. Not because this is some kind of amazing book that makes you cry and want to live life better, but because Geoff Herbach writes like the human mind works. That is basically saying he writes like a child with ADD and ADHD who forgot to take his meds. But in a good way! The mind gets distracted. We are erratic. We are not focused on every single thing we ever do. And neither is Felton. He is a person. I greatly admire this author for jumping into his character entirely. The rest of the characters were great too, as well as the plot. I actually continued to read because I just really wanted to know why the heck Felton’s mother had gone insane. I admit though, it does take some getting used to, the way it’s written I mean. Do not give up! Because although this isn’t literary greatness or anything Stupid Fast is still a great read for anyone who likes sports. Also read it because this novel managed to convince me that football isn’t just a bunch of jocks running around being idiots. It is about passion. And passion is definitely something to admire.

Star Rating: It was really good. I’ve already told my friends about it.

Recommended for: Sports lovers

Review by: Lauren B.

Thanks for the review, Lauren!


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