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Teen Picks: “A Living Nightmare” by Darren Shan

A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan

What was it about? In the tradition of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, Cirque Du Freak is the frightening saga of a young boy whose visit to a mysterious freak show leads him on a journey into a dark world of vampires. Filled with grotesque creatures, murderous vampires, and a petrifying ending, Cirque Du Freak will chill, thrill, and leave readers begging for more.

What did you think of it & why did you pick it up: I absolutely love this book! It has a certain way of captivating the reader into wanting to know more. I would have given A Living Nightmare 5 stars, however, I found this book very predictable. As a suspenseful book, that factor disappointed me. I still recommend this book to anyone who likes a horror read every now and then. (By the way, the ending is a cliff hanger. :/)

I picked this book up because of my friend Meredith.

Star Rating:

I would suggest this for: Fans of suspense

Thanks for the review, Tehreem! If you liked this one, you should check out the rest of the Cirque de Freak series.

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