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Teen Picks: “Fall for Anything” by Courtney Summers

Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

What is it about? Eddie Reeves’ hands are dead. She hasn’t been able to feel them ever since the night she found her father lying on the ground where he committed suicide by jumping off of the roof of an abandoned warehouse. Her best friend Milo thinks she died that night too. She’s not so sure he’s entirely wrong.

Her mother can’t even speak without sobbing and, Beth, her mother’s best friend seems to hate Eddie with a passion because she doesn’t care about helping her mother. But how can she? Her father committed suicide and she doesn’t even know why. Her whole life is beginning to revolve around this question. And when she meets Culler Evans, her father’s one and only photography student, he seems to have the answer, or at least some clues. Eddie can immediately tell that she feels an extreme attraction to this man, except there’s something off about him. Then again, her whole life has been terrible ever since her father died.

What did you think and why did you pick it up? I feel as if I didn’t understand Fall for Anything. I don’t think anyone did. I’ve read a few other reviews and most of them seem to like the book but not *love* it. It’s like there was something missing the whole way. The author didn’t really make an effort to include the reader. So, yes, I liked the concept and I did find the way Eddie talked in the book fascinating, even if I thought she was a little selfish and morbid. She was still someone to sympathize for, but the empathizing never really formed for me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this book tried to be creepy and mysterious. It tried to act as if Culler was a serial killer. It tried really hard, but the author executed it wrong. So the whole book I’m sitting here waiting for it to get to the intense climax but it never came. When the climax did finally come, it was still a bit weak, as was the resolution. I mean what the flapjacks was that ending? It made me wonder about it afterwards, for sure, but in the bad “I have no idea what just happened and I am not satisfied at all” way.

Star rating:  This was like doing homework. I finished it, but I didn’t like it.

I would suggest this for: Teens who are looking for a more depressing read or teens who have had a parent or relative die.

Review by: Lauren B.

Thanks for the review, Lauren!


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