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Teen Picks: “The Adoration of Jenna Fox” by Mary E. Pearson

The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

What is it about? Jenna Fox cannot remember anything about her life before the “accident”. She doesn’t know her middle name, her favorite color, and she doesn’t even recognize the people that call themselves her parents. After waking up from a year-long coma all she has left are hundreds of home videos made by her parents. In them, she sees a girl with life and talent and friends. Kara and Locke were her friends and she listens to them plead to her in her sleep. But this still doesn’t tell her who Jenna Fox was and who she is now. She begins asking questions that no one wants to answer. Why did her parents move from Boston to California? Why does her grandmother hate her? When she finally finds out the truth about herself she has to decide if she can ever be the Jenna Fox that her parents adored and if she even wants to be.

It is so hard not to give everything away about this story! What I will tell you is that the novel is set in a futuristic America where the polar bears have all died out, huge epidemics have wiped out millions and they have something called biogel that can replace a heart of a liver because it can interact with your neurons. Also Jenna meets a few mysterious neighbors and one guy Ethan who doesn’t seem to care which Jenna she is.

What did you think of it and why did you pick it up? There are lots of better reviews of this book but I will try my best. I loved this book. The concept and plot were just awesome and perfectly executed. The amount of world-building and research that must have gone into this novel is definitely to be admired. Because even though Jenna’s world was very close to ours even I still didn’t fully take in all of the science bits. I’ve heard other reviews say that they thought there was no warmth the book but I honestly liked that. It was not a book about warmth. It was about questioning how far you can go into being a product of science until you just aren’t human anymore. Pearson makes the reader question what being human even is. So even though the relationships between some of the characters weren’t perfect they were still pretty good for a dystopian novel and everything else about the book entirely makes up for that. If you like dystopian books or are looking to try o ne out read the Adoration of Jenna Fox NOW. No really, put down what you are doing and run to the library to check this out. Okay…maybe not run. I’ll let you take a car.

Star rating: It was really good. I’ve already told my friends about it.

I would recommend this for: Teens who like dystopian novels.

Review by: Lauren B.

Thanks for the review, Lauren!

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