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2012 Banned Books Trading Cards Exhibit

Last year we began our Banned Books Trading Card program to celebrate intellectual freedom and reading. We selected seven local art entries to turn into trading cards, and passed out one card each day of Banned Books Week. This year, we’re continuing the project. However, if you’d like a full set of trading cards from last year, you can purchase them here.

Our call for submissions in 2012 resulted in 46 entries from local artists of all ages and backgrounds. From September 30 – October 6, all of the submissions were on display in the library lobby and the original artwork for the seven selected pieces were on exhibit at the Lawrence Arts Center.  Many of the submissions are on display here as well – just click on an image to read the artist’s statement about the piece.



  1. L M Crane says:

    These banned book trading cards are A-MA-ZING!!! Are they available for purchase?

  2. Mari says:

    These are beautiful. Are they available to non-Lawrence Public Library card holders?

  3. [...] resulted in 46 entries, all of which are on display in the library lobby this week. You can also view many of them in our online exhibit.Link to the rest at the Lawrence Public LibraryClick to Tweet/Email/Share This Post [...]

  4. Liz Calafiore says:

    Amazing! Can they be purchased? Great idea!

  5. [...] It's Banned Books Week and we are celebrating the freedom to read in a unique way!  [...]

  6. These cards are fantastic. What a great idea!

  7. [...] Click through to see some of our favorites from the submitted artworks, and then be sure to head here to check out the full [...]

  8. [...] Click through to see some of our favorites from the submitted artworks, and then be sure to head here to check out the full [...]

  9. Andrea says:

    These are fabulous! The artwork is inspiring and attractive. Please make these available in any of these forms: postcards, trading cards(could make a trivia or Pokemon-type game of these), calendar, t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, etc.

  10. [...] on their favorite banned books.  All of the submissions are on display this week at the library (and online), and the library selected 7 to turn into trading cards.  They’ve been giving away one card [...]

  11. Einar says:

    Your cards are so amazing that we have banned them from our library.

    And will try and figure out how to get local artists to do them for us next year.

    Einar in Dixon NM

  12. [...] came and went, leaving behind a thoughtful post from Deborah J. Ross at BookViewCafe, as well as an exhibit of trading cards for banned or challenged titles, designed with original [...]

  13. [...] winning entry was for our Banned Books Week 2012 campaign; Lawrence Public Library in Kansas also won for their beautiful and inspired Banned Books Week 2012 campaign. We’re in great [...]

  14. [...] Kansas created banned books trading cards, which were handed out at the library all week. You can check them out, and even purchase them online through the library’s website. Also extremely geeky are these [...]

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