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Oh Say Can You Say

Oh Say Can You Say?

Book: Oh Say Can You Say by Dr. Seuss

Artist: Mary Pawlowski

Artist’s statement: This piece was inspired by Dr. Seuss’ book, Oh Say Can You Say? I did a play on words changing the title to, “Oh Read Can You Read?” to reflect Banned Books Week.

Oh Say Can You Say? is not a banned title, other titles by Dr. Seuss are.

Before I could read on my own, I requested my mum sit with me and share a laugh reading out loud, Oh Say Can You Say? whose rhyming would some-times catch her off guard. I loved the colors throughout the book, which was another inspiration for me in the piece.

I scoured numerous magazines looking for the best images. Once I found those images, they were carefully cut out by hand and photo copied onto colorful paper. From there those copied images were again cut by hand and composed into the requested 5” X 7” work. Some images have not been
photo copied and are the original image with copied content over the top to create a collage effect.

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