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Collect All Seven!

Banned Books Week  may have officially ended, but it is still a hot topic here.  Our Banned Books Trading Card Project featured seven cards designed by local artists and inspired by banned books or authors.  We gave away 450 sets at the library and at the Lawrence Arts Center and fielded calls and emails from all over the country – and the world!


To meet this demand, we have done a second printing of cards and are making them available for purchase for $7 a set, with all proceeds going to the artists and the library.  If you live in Lawrence, starting Monday, October 8, you can stop by the Circulation Desk and pick up a set.  If you live outside of the area, click the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of this page to order yours.


We were one of only eight libraries in the United States to be awarded a 2012 Judith Krug Memorial Fund Grant from the Freedom to Read Foundation. The Friends of the Lawrence Public Library and the Lawrence Public Library Foundation provided additional support for this project.

Want to get your hands on a set of Banned Books Trading Cards but you aren’t lucky enough to live in Lawrence?  Good news!  Banned Books Trading Cards are now available for sale. All proceeds go to the artists and the library. Click on the “Buy Now” button and get started ordering your set.  All sales are final.  

2012 Trading Cards on Square Market

TEACHERS - If you would like to purchase a set of cards for your classroom, please email Susan Brown,, to discuss an educator’s bulk discount.


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  2. John Pappas says:

    Oh my! That one on the left looks like Kujo! I am always amazed at how many classics were (and still are) challenged solely because they introduce topics that children need to address.


  3. Janice Collilns says:

    Very cool idea…wish we had thought of it!!!

  4. sarah martinez says:

    how very cool. can out-of-towners give a donation and receive a set? say yes? *bats eyelashes*

    • Susan says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Yes! Check the bottom of this page – we just set up a way to sell them! All proceeds go to the artists and the library!


  5. [...] Lawrence Public Library‘s Banned Books Trading Cards are a hit! From Susan Brown: Over the last few days we have gotten emails and phone calls from teachers, booklovers, and librarians from all over the country asking to buy sets. We are thrilled to announce that in conjunction with the artists, we have produced a second run of cards for sale. Each pack in $7.00 plus shipping, with all proceeds going to the artists and the library.  Learn more here. [...]

  6. The paypal method you have dos not allow me to order for overseas shipment (I live in Australia). Is there a way to get a set or two over here?

  7. So cool! Way to go – such a great idea to incorporate local artists in the promotion(?) of banned books!

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