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Teen Picks: “Fruit Basket” by Natsuki Takaya

Fruit Basket by Natsuki Takaya

What is it about? The Sohma’s family curse…
Tohru Honda is an orphan, whose Mother and Father have died. (One of which in a car crash this year.) She runs into the Sohma’s, (a family who happens to go to the same high school as her) offer their home for her to share. This particular family has a secret curse, when one who is cursed is hugged by the opposite gender, they will turn into one of twelve of the Chinese zodiac. Have fun reading!

What did you think of it & why did you pick it up? I picked up this book because I like manga and my friends kept talking about it 24/7. I think it is a great book, I would read it several times.

Star Rating: 5 Stars for rating the book It was awesome! Everyone should check this out!

I would suggest this for: People who like manga.

Reviewed by: Darcy J

Thanks for the review, Darcy!

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