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Detectives in Training




Looks an awful like Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t you say? Earlier this October, the library hosted Detectives in Training, a special program for kids ages 6 & up to learn the ins and outs of becoming a private eye!


To kick-off the hour, real-life crime fighter from the Lawrence Police Department, Detective Burket, came to visit with the library kids. He talked about what it’s like to be a detective, what inspired him to become a detective (Encyclopedia Brown books!), and the many, many different ways a detective solves a mystery.



After Detective Burket’s talk, attendees were able to put what was discussed to good use.  Every great detective has a great under-cover disguise.  Library kids practiced perfecting the art of deception at the Masters of Disguise station. These assorted mustaches and glasses made excellent props.




Next we discussed ciphers and codes, how to make invisible ink three different ways, and how to construct secret messages. I’d like to take this time to mention that we take no responsibility for top secret messages that have been passed in the classroom after this date.





When doing undercover work, you never know when you’ll have to dodge high-tech, laser tripwire security systems. We prepared our detectives by creating a laser beam obstacle course! Don’t touch the red yarn.. or else (cue Mission Impossible theme song.



The detectives in training also learned about fingerprint analysis by analyzing their own finger prints. By the way, did you know that fingerprinting is entirely digital now? We hope you haven’t learned about that little fact the hard way.





Fun, exciting, and educational?

You bet.

Just another day at the Lawrence Public Library.


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