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Dr. Bob Reader

The Lawrence Public Library Foundation, together with the Bob Frederick family, is proud to announce “Dr. Bob Reader,” a new program at the library that celebrates the life of former University of Kansas Athletic Director, Dr. Bob Frederick.  Its mission is to encourage children to be healthy and fit, through exercise, good nutrition, and lots of reading!

Created by Bob Frederick’s four sons, Brian, Brad, Mark and Chris, and their mother Margey, this wonderful library reading program provides a free book to any child receiving a first library card. The books will focus on eating right, exercise, good sportsmanship, and treating one another with respect –  all values that Bob Frederick lived by. Creating a generation of Dr. Bob Readers in our community will ensure that his spirit of integrity and equality will live on in Lawrence.

If your child comes in for his or her first library card, be sure to ask for a Dr. Bob Reader! Read more about the program here…


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