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In a Glass Grimmly

A boy named Jack, a girl named Jill, and a frog named Frog join forces in this hilarious and delightfully gory companion to A Tale Dark and Grimm, Adam Gidwitz’s award-winning debut novel. The characters are introduced separately in chapters loosely based on European folk and fairy tales before uniting in a fresh, funny, and very messy retelling of “Jack the Giant Killer” that kids will love. Jack wants nothing more than the respect of his father and to be liked – especially by those who bully him. Jill wants desperately to be beautiful, which would please her mother, who spends most of her time staring adoringly into a mirror. Frog’s only wish, at least at first, is to escape his dark, damp, dirty, and very smelly well. Later, this comical amphibian seems to want only to survive the decisions of his human companions.Together they embark on a quest for the Seeing Glass and the promise to be granted that which is most important to them. Along the way they encounter giants, goblins, mermaids, a fire-breathing salamander, and a trio of evil siblings. They meet each challenge with increasing bravery and wit, each maturing in the process and ultimately outgrowing their original wish. The clever narration (with bold-font warnings of what’s to come) guides our heroes with a gentle and loving hand, making this a novel one will want to read aloud and often.


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