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Swords and Stones: An Arthurian Legend Booklist

For centuries, the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table have fascinated readers. Whether your interest is in the Lady of the Lake, Merlin, or Sir Lancelot, we have a story for you. Check out one of these books based on Arthurian legend!


Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur, A Graphic Novel by Tony Lee and Sam Hart

Retells, in graphic novel form, the tale of Arthur Pendragon who, raised in obscurity, draws a legendary sword from a stone and begins the life he was born to lead, guided by the elusive wizard Merlin.




Sword of the Rightful King by Jane Yolen

Merlinnus the magician devises a way for King Arthur to prove himself the rightful king of England–pulling a sword from a stone–but trouble arises when someone else removes the sword first.




Out of Time by Paul McCusker

A man on horseback wearing medieval garments and claiming to be King Arthur arrives in Fawlt Line, Maryland, teenaged Elizabeth’s hometown that may be a portal to alternate times and unexpected time travels.




Here Lies Arthur by Phillip Reeve

When her village is attacked and burned, Gwyna seeks protection from the bard Myrddin, who uses Gwyna in his plan to transform young Arthur into the heroic King Arthur.



Damosel: in which the Lady of the Lake Renders a Frank and Often Startling Account of her Wondrous Life and Times by Stephanie Simmer

Damosel, a rule-bound Lady of the Lake, and Twixt, a seventeen-year-old dwarf, relate their experiences as they strive to help King Arthur face Morgause, Morgan, and Mordred, one through her magic and the other through his humble loyalty.



Avalon High
by Meg Cabot

Having moved to Annapolis, Maryland, with her medievalist parents, high school junior Ellie enrolls at Avalon High School where several students may or may not be reincarnations of King Arthur and his court.



Lady Llena: The Way of the Warrior
by Patricia Monroe

Now chief of Dun Alyn, fifteen-year-old Ilena disgraces herself on the battlefield and, while subsequently exiled from her people, becomes involved in a plan to rescue King Arthur from his Saxon captors.

Song of the Sparrow by Lisa Ann Sandell

In fifth-century Britain, nine years after the destruction of their home on the island of Shalott brings seventeen-year-old Elaine to live with her father and brothers in the military encampments of Arthur’s army. She describes her changing perceptions of war and the people around her as she becomes increasingly involved in the bitter struggle against the invading Saxons.

Crossing to Paradise by Kevin Crossley-Holland

When fifteen-year-old Gatty, an illiterate field-girl who sings beautifully, is selected for a pilgrimage, she travels from her home on an English estate to London, Venice, and eventually Jerusalem, and experiences great changes in her circumstances and in herself.


I am Morgan le Fay: A Tale of Camelot by Nancy Springer

In a war-torn England where her half-brother Arthur will eventually become king, the young Morgan le Fay comes to realize that she has magic powers and links to the faerie world.

Whether you’re looking for magic and fairies, time-travel, historical fiction, or modern day re-tellings of Arthurian legend, one of these, or the many more available in the Teen Zone, will be sure to satisfy your curiosity about Arthurian legend!


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