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A Game for All Systems and Ages

The video game collection found in the Media Room can give patrons of any age the feel and excitement of a new game without the need to drop $50 to $60.  However, if you aren’t sure what to get that’s age appropriate for a child, it helps to look at the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board rating) on the box.  Anything rated E is generally rated suitable for a 10 year old.  Here is an example on each of the three major systems, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii:

XBox 360: NCAA Football 12
Description:  Imagine a situation where you and/or your child can escape the reality of the Jayhawk’s current football situation and create your own championship dynasty.  With this game, not even KU Football’s current losing streak can get you down.  Find it here in our catalog.

Playstation 3:  Just Dance 3
Description:  Featuring a whole new playlist of music, this installment of the “Just Dance” series of games can be the life of the family party.  With multiple modes of play, it’s the perfect excuse to let go and just dance.   Find it here in our catalog. If you do check this game out, make sure you have a Playstation Move accessory as it’s necessary for gameplay.

Wii:  Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Description:  Go on an adventure with Nintendo’s loveable puffball-like mascot, Kirby.  In this installment of the franchise, Kirby’s normal vacuum copying powers have been rendered useless as he’s been transformed into fabric.  Kirby must learn to harness the power of yarn in order to save his beloved home, Dream Land.  Find it here in our catalog.


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