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Storytime changes

The sad news is, storytimes will be taking a break from December 17 until late January 2013. As many of you know, the entire library will be moving into 700 New Hampshire (the old Borders location), while our current building is totally renovated and expanded. Luckily we will have a storytime space in our temporary building, but it is only one space, so we are going to be making some adjustments to the schedule.

Starting probably in late January, Books & Babies will  be only on Wednesday mornings at its current times (no Monday B&B). Toddler Storytime will be on Monday and Thursday mornings. Library Storytime will continue to be Tuesday and Friday mornings, Thursday evenings, and Sunday afternoons. Watch the storytime page for changes and clarification.

During times of the year when we are very busy, such as spring break and summer, we will be doing some of our programming off-site so that we can accommodate larger attendance. As these times approach we will do our best to communicate where different events will be happening. We are looking forward to trying new things, so please be patient with us as we move forward.


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