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Have You Read Bentley Little?

Bentley Little is one of the horror genre’s best kept secrets. He has been writing for twenty years and has penned more than a dozen novels and over one hundred short stories but almost never gives interviews, doesn’t have a website, and rarely appears at book signings. He published his first novel in 1990 and it won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel, the genre’s highest annual honor for new novelists. Since then, he has gone on to develop a unique voice that has won famous fans such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

Little’s books often revolve around supernatural forces at play in the familiar, everyday world of modern America. His novels are often set in the Southwest, usually Arizona, and have very short titles that reflect the world of the novel — The Association is about a sinister homeowner’s group, The Store is about a big box retailer with evil lurking in its aisles, The Policy is about a deadly life insurance contract. Although he employs seemingly mundane settings, Little’s plot twists and turns can be truly horrifying in a visceral, sometimes repulsive, way. Don’t be surprised to open up one of Little’s books and find yourself among re-animated murder victims bent on revenge, mutilated goats portending the Apocalypse, and murderous clowns who exist in another dimension.

If you’ve read all of Koontz and King and are looking for a fresh voice in the horror genre who employs both the supernatural and the satirical to get at what’s most horrifying in our modern world, give Bentley Little at try.

LPL owns the following:

  • The Academy
    Evil stalks the halls and possesses the principle at a newly-formed charter school.
  • The Association
    A gated community’s newest residents find that non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the Homeowner’s Association can be deadly.
  • The Collection
    Thirty two short stories that showcase the author’s dark, demented visions.
  • His Father’s Son
    A man hears his father’s deathbed murder confession and must grapple with the evils unleashed by this long-held secret.
  • The Policy
    A salesman offers insurance policies that not only cover accidental death and dismemberment, but often lead to those ends as well.
  • The Resort
    A dream vacation at an exclusive destination soon turns into a nightmare for one family.
  • The Revelation
    The signs of the Apocalypse are upon a small town in Arizona and salvation may lie with a pregnant woman and fire-and-brimstone itinerant preacher.
  • The Store
    A big box retailer comes to a small town and offers jobs and benefits to the area, but at a horrific price.

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