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Deals That Will Move You!

The library is one of the best deals in town! While we’re closed, we’ve partnered up with downtown businesses to offer daily deals and discounts. Whether you’re in need of a good read, a great movie, or some new music, you can find a good deal every day we are closed.  Sunday, January 20: If you are shopping at Arizona Trading Company today, mention the library move and get 10% off!


  1. Lori Kleibohmer says:

    This is very cool! I had no idea the library had special offers…is this a new feature or am I just woefully behind the times?

    • Susan says:

      This is a new feature! We developed these to “ease the pain” of our being closed for two weeks, but they have been so popular, we may look at doing them again sometime.


      • John Wysocki says:

        The word ‘deal’ always sounds attractive to anyone looking for a good deal. However, correct me if I’m wrong, the deals you are promoting are other businesses’ and not yours. It seems to me that it’s your business ‘partners’ rather than library patrons who are getting the good deals with increased sales.

        Providing routine access to library resources such as books or DVDs at no charge is a very good deal and a public service that everybody appreciates. While it is admirable that you’ve thought about your patrons’ needs while you are temporarily closed, how would charging for similar resources – albeit at a discount – be a better deal for many of your patrons?

        • Brad says:

          Hi John- Thanks for your comment. While buying merchandise at a local business isn’t the same thing as borrowing materials from your local library, we felt that many people who use the library also frequent the local businesses with whom we’ve partnered. We saw this as a fun way to strengthen partnerships with great local businesses and stay connected with library users while we’re closed for two weeks. The response to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive both from the merchants with whom we’ve partnered and our community of users.

          • John Wysocki says:

            Hi, Brad – I’m glad to hear that the library’s community of users have responded positively to your special deals!

  2. Al says:

    Nothing since last Wed or Thurs? (says Thursday 1/16, so not sure if this was from Wed. 1/16 or Th. 1/17). Are the specials over?

    • Susan says:

      So sorry – in the midst of moving, we forgot to update the deals on the web! Problem fixed now – deals end Monday.

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