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God is a teenaged boy?

What if Earth was ruled by a young being named Bob? And, what would happen to the world if he kept crushing on one Earth girl after another? Floods and droughts within the same week? Meg Rosoff posits just this type of world in her book, There is no Dog

Enter Bob, a young non-human being, whose mother won the rights for her son to rule the Earth in a game of cards. Now enter Lucy, a classically beautiful young woman, who works at a zoo and is the object of affection by Bob. Lucy finds herself strangely attracted to Bob, but can’t quite figure out why as he is almost everything she dislikes in a person: a lazy lying sexist. And, Bob, smitten by Lucy, can’t control his powers and puts the Earth and it’s inhabitants in danger with constant weather changes, natural disasters, and all-out craziness. In the background are the stories of an animal that is the last of his kind and might just be the tastiest meat in the galaxy, a young goddess trying to find her place in the universe, and an assistant god-being who has earned his due. This is a quirky book, reminiscent of The Hitchikers’s Guide to the Galaxy and Good Omens , and definitely a great read to stave off boredom.

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  1. Adrian says:

    Sounds funny <I love hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

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