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How would you feel if caffeine was banned?

That was what initially hooked me into this series. Caffeine banned? I can’t imagine a morning without my regular cup of coffee or being able to treat myself to a Christopher Elbow chocolate at Au Marche. Have you seen them? Tiny pieces of delicious art! But I digress. All These Things I’ve Done is a mobster/love story set in a future where caffeine has been banned in the US. Like Prohibition in the 20′s, the masses will not be denied and crime bosses are made out of families that once were respectable chocolate business owners.

First daughter in the Balanchine family is Anya; a sixteen year old trying to take care of her dying grandmother, younger sister, and mentally injured older brother. All while trying to just get through high school. She doesn’t want anything to do with the family business because it has gotten both of her parents killed. But when her ex boyfriend is poisoned by the family product, she is accused and becomes the new focus of the DA who has decided to crack down on the rampant crime in the city. Unfortunately for Anya, the DA’s son is very handsome and very interested in her…

Intrigued yet? You should be! This book is amazing. It blends reality and familiarity with the fantastic and suspenseful. Anya is a character I really wish I could be friends with in real life. And it takes the issue of prohibition to a whole new, scary level.

In the second book, Because It is my Blood, Anya must escape New York or face imprisonment. She escapes to Mexico where she learns the production side of making chocolate. There, she realizes the only way she will be able to return to New York is to figure out a way to make the family business legal again. What follows is quite an in depth look at what could be compared to the country’s current issues with the legalization of marijuana, except we’re talking about caffeine!

I can not wait for the third book in the Birthright series to come out. I highly recommend the first two book and will be first in line for the last!

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