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Two Gems of 2012

Many exceptional children’s books were released in 2012! Two of my favorites bring history to life in a powerful way. In these books we’re thrust into the tense days of WWII and the desperate time of the Great Depression.



 Bomb: The Race to Build and Steal the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon reads like a thriller, but all of the events are true!

From the discovery of nuclear power to the first meetings with key Soviet spies, we follow the competition between the world powers to create the first atomic weapon. FBI documents, letters and photos are included, bringing the story to life. Readers are taken on a wild ride with incredibly high stakes by the award-winning author Steve Sheinkin, an amazing storyteller.

The Mighty Miss Malone gives us a peek into the world of a bright twelve year old girl during the Great Depression.

Prejudice, homelessness and sickness are a big part of Deza Malone’s life, but she gains strength from being part of a close-knit, ebullient family. A top student, Deza aspires to be a writer or professor one day and doles out her wisdom to those around her. Hard times fall on the Malone family and all are tested. Newbery-medalist Christopher Paul Curtis has created a realistic world worth visiting.

I hope you get a chance to read these and other excellent titles published in 2012. What were your favorites?


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