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Cut-Paper Prairie Art

A beautiful book has entered your collection in the Children’s Department!  Out on the Prairie by Donna M. Bateman is a delightful adaptation of the traditional nursery rhyme “Over in the Meadow.”  Using beautiful cut-paper art, readers are transported to the rolling grasslands of the Badlands.  The Badlands National Park, located in South Dakota, is well known for its geological formations caused by sediment deposits, as well as wind and water erosion.  But, about half of the park is carpeted with grasses and wildflowers.  This grassland prairie portion of the park is the largest prairie in the United States.  It covers over 170,000 acres!  A prairie is an area of level or rolling grassland.  Prairies are too dry for trees to grow, but too wet to be deserts.  They are mostly covered with grasses and wildflowers.  Prairies once covered the central third of North America.  There are three types of prairies:  tallgrass – our very own Flint Hills of Kansas is a prime example; shortgrass – the driest of the prairies, located at the base of the Rocky Mountains; and the mixed-grass prairies of South Dakota.  “Out on the Prairie” introduces readers to the many animals and plants that call this very delicate ecosystem home.  The back of the book offers interesting facts about each of these.  “Out on the Prairie” is a book you will want to look at and read over and over.  It is simply charming!  So come check it out.  You will be amazed!


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