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Racing Games

This post’s theme in game recommendations brings the race to your home. The following three games for the three major systems in the library’s collection will show a racer of any age the joys of the road. As always, these games are considered children friendly, with ESRB Ratings of no higher than E10+. More information on the ESRB rating system can be found here:

Xbox 360: Sonic & all-stars racing transformed

On the container: “Prepare to boost, drift and barrel roll in your transforming vehicle through land, sea and air while unleashing your devastating All-Star Move on the competition– this is no ordinary race! 20+ characters and 25+ dynamically changing tracks! Unleash your All-Star Move, weapons and power-ups! World Tour, Grand Prix, Battle Arena modes and 10 person multiplayer. Race as Danica Patrick and Wreck-It Ralph!” Can’t beat that. ESRB Rated: E for Everyone

Playstation 3: Gran Turismo 5

With some critics dubbing it, “The Greatest Racing Series of All Time”, the Gran Turismo series has created a legacy as the most realistic racing games on the market. Players are able to customize, race, and upgrade over 1,000 detailed cars including, NASCAR, rally, kart, and drift. If races on 20+ tracks with 70+ layouts isn’t enough variety, you are able to create your own with Course Maker.¬†ESRB rating: E for Everyone

Wii: Mario Kart Wii

With entries in the series on every Nintendo system dating back to the Super Nintendo, Mario Kart is one of the classics in racing game series. Players will race across Mario universe themed tracks where players will compete in both racing prowess along with braving the power up items and hazards that opponents will throw their way. Choose any one of up to 24 unique characters to operate the karts, which are separated into various classes of weight. Includes 32 different tracks, half of which are remakes of tracks from previous Mario Kart games. ESRB rating: E for Everyone



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