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Teen Zone Brawl Tournament Results 2/23/13

In best of three set that went down to the wire, Josh C storms back from the losers bracket and wins the Teen Zone Brawl Tournament – Mario Edition.  Tehreem and Asa took second and third respectively.

There was some added drama and tension as the bracket came to a close.  Josh, Tehree, and Asa are fairly regular names to the leader board, however none had managed to take home a championship in past tournaments.  It looked like it might have been Tehreem’s day to shine, as she put together a commanding double two-stock win over Josh in the Winner’s Bracket Final.

However, Josh was not to be denied rebounding with a strong win over Asa in the Loser’s Bracket Final going on to reset the bracket in the first Grand Finals set.  Tehreem made some quick adaptations to take the first game of the second Grand Finals set, but Josh in turn counterpicked from Metaknight to Diddy Kong and came out victorious in two extremely close final games.

“I had a great time,” Josh said after winning his first championship, “I hope more people come out next time!”

The Teen Zone runs Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournaments every 4th Saturday of the month.  The next tournament is scheduled for Saturday, March 23 from 1-3pm.  Anyone grades 6-12 is allowed to participate and prizes are awarded to the top three placing players.

Here is a recap of the final results and bracket image:

1: Josh
2: Tehreem
3: Asa
4: Luke
5: Jacob Ha
5: Chantel
7: Jacob C
7: Paul
9: Cooper
9: Trevor
9: Jacob H

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