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The library is CLOSED today (Tuesday, 2/20), due to icy conditions.

America’s pastime…digitally

Opening Day for America’s pastime is right around the corner.  Celebrate the upcoming baseball season with a baseball video game in the Library’s collection.  As usual, every game listed comes with an “ESRB rating of E for Everyone” so the games are playable for anyone ranging from the youngest rookie to the most veteran of players.  For more information about the ESRB rating system, check here.

Playstation 3 – MLB 12 – The Show
So real, it’s unreal. Take your player from the Minors to the Majors in an improved Road to the Show mode.  The first Show in the series to be fully compatible with the Playstation Move!

XBox 360 – Major League Baseball 2k12
For the first time ever, play along with the real-life MLB season as it unfolds over a six month period. Just as in real life, opposing pitchers and hitters will learn your tendencies from one at-bat to the next, challenging you to mix up your approach on both sides of the plate as each game unfolds. A revamped throwing system presents a classic risk vs. reward situation, as you choose to queue up throws before fielding the ball to save time, or take a moment to set your feet for better accuracy. All-new player types let you decide your path to the Majors, as goals, expectations, ratings and progression are all customized by position and player type.

Nintendo Wii – Mario Super Sluggers
Join Mario and his friends in a baseball game with Wii controls. Use a pitching motion to toss the ball and swing the remote to smack a home run. Challenge up to 3 friends, control over 40 playable characters, explore Baseball Kingdom, and recruit new teammates.


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