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April Fools!

Get your laughs at a premium as a truckload of Lawrence comedy icons gather together at the Jackpot Music Hall for 3 rounds of head-to-head, no holds barred, Lawrence-themed, sketch mayhem. Your opinion could be taken into consideration for once by being selected for the judges’ panel via an edge-of-your-seat raffle drawing. Those special few selected will decide which of the two competing teams will claim the title “April Fool” and more importantly where the grand prize, a charitable donation of 200 ducats will be given. Collect mountains of door prize swag and laugh your pants off as Lawrence Magazine and Lawrence Public Library bring you the next installment of the About Lawrence… series.

Performers include: Mike Anderson (Host of Channel 6’s “TheNot So Late Show”), Will Averill (That guy
from FYIFK), Barry Barnes(Washboard musician extraordinaire and Zumba instructor), Matt Gaus(Co‐
Creator of “Loaded for Bear”), Monica Greenwood (from“Loaded for Bear” and “Victor Continental”),
Jacqueline Grunau (Co‐Founder of “Underthe Table”), Emily Lowrance‐Floyd (Co‐Creator of “Loaded
for Bear”), Peter Lyrene, Jay Maus, Chris Nelson (from“Loaded for Bear” and “Victor Continental”), Ed
Parker, Kitty Steffens (from“Loaded for Bear” and “Victor Continental”), October Strange, Vintage
Players (Theatre Lawrence’sroaming senior comedy squad) and The Travelers (A division of Theatre

Here are the deets:

-There is no cover charge

-As this is an “anything goes” grudge match and is being held in a venue that serves alcoholic beverages, we ask that no one under the age of 18 show up without a legal guardian

-Seating will be limited and not guaranteed

-The Location for this event is the Jackpot Music Hall located at 943 Massachusetts St., Lawrence KS 66044

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