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Best of Me

In typical Nicholas Sparks’s fashion, Best of Me is a love story, but so much more. This is a story within a story with a twist. At times it was difficult to follow, but just as with so many other novels, it ties all together in the end.

This is the story of Dawson, a boy from the other side of the tracks who was in love with a girl when he was younger but they had parted ways years ago. This is the story of Amanda, the girl who was in love with Dawson years ago but was forced to end the relationship when her mother and father got involved and thought she could do better. Several years later Dawson and Amanda reconnect when they come back to their hometown to deal with the death of a close personal friend, Tuck. Little did they know that Tuck had a plan all along to attempt to bring them back together if at all possible.

The problem is Dawson has feelings for Amanda that he has carried with him since the day they ended their relationship. Amanda has feelings for Dawson too, but there is another problem…Amanda is married with kids.

Do Dawson and Amanda find a way to be together? Are they able to forget the past and look to the future? Or do things end tragically for one or both of them? Is there anything good that can come from lost love and heartbreak?


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