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March Teen Zone Mario Kart Tournament Results

Proving the old maxim, “It isn’t how you start, it’s how you finish,” Asa battled through the elimination rounds after being disqualified from his first race for being late to win the March Teen Zone Mario Kart Wii tournament.  Emaad took second place while Annika took third.  Placing one spot outside the candy was Jimmy.

The field of 13 racers was split into multiple racers where the top two were safe and the remaining racers were put into elimination races.  If a racer did not make top two in an elimination race, they were eliminated from the tournament.  Once only four racers remained, they did one final race to determine who took home the big prizes.  After getting off to a slow start, Annika brought Emaad and Asa to the brink, but their commanding lead was too much as the top 3 came down to the wire.

Overall Placings for Mario Kart Wii Tournament:
1. Asa
2. Emaad
3. Annika
4. Jimmy
5. Elliot
5. David
7. Sebi
7. Chloe
9. Elisa
9. Max
13.  Madelyn (dropped out)

Details will be released soon for future Mario Kart Wii tournaments at the Teen Zone!

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