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Seasons and Space

Changes are abrewin’… Spring Break and Summer are upon us and there will be some slight changes to our programming.  A good majority of our programs will remain at the Borders building but due to the size of the Events space we can’t have everything here. Please make sure that you look at the locations of the programs, especially concerning programs over the Spring Break Week and during the Summer time! All of our storytimes will remain in the Borders Events space, but our performance series, and the larger craft days, will be at the Carnegie Building at 200 W. 9th St. This information can be found on our paper calendar, right under the time and date. If you look for this information on our website, on the events calendar there is a “Location” spot, or it will be directly in the article that you are reading. Please do not hesitate to call us at the library so we can help clarify further! We are looking forward to seeing the school age kids at our programs!


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