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Stone Arch Readers

Looking for good books to help you help your child read or get ready to read?  The Stone Arch Readers, available in our Easy Readers collection, are wonderful for children ages one through five years old or older.  They are written by a variety of authors and can be found by searching with keyword “Stone Arch Readers” in the online catalog.

Among these, Melinda Crow has written two vehicle series that are simply worded and delightfully illustrated.  One set includes the titles Helpful Tractor, Lucky School Bus, Brave Fire Truck and Busy, Busy Train.  Four vehicle friends share a garage and get involved in short adventures.  A set new to our collection is all about trains!  As a parent you know there are never enough train books in the world!! Check out this set with titles City Train, Circus Train, Freight Train and Big Train.

In a very real sense, when your child recognizes one letter or number, your child is reading. The Stone Arch Readers give you and your child every opportunity to connect with the printed words in the story and move that amazing learning process of the preschool mind along.  These stories are easy for your child to access and memorize and will become favorites.  Look forward to the day your child reads to you!


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