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Superhero Day is Almost Here!

Wednesday, March 20, 1:30-3 pm! Would you like to be a superhero? What would your special power be? What colors would your outfit be? Join us for Superhero Day to get all the details worked out and to be entered in LPL’s Superhero Registry!

First up: what will your superhero name be? You can go to to generate a superhero name based on your own name, or to get a random name. Your name can help inspire what colors you’d like to have in your costume and decide what your super power will be.

Next you can fill out your superhero fact sheet. Who is your nemesis? Where is your hideout? What is your weakness? Once you’ve completed your fact sheet, you’ll be ready to get to the fun part!

Then it’s time to create your costume!

We’ve got all kinds of face masks that you can decorate. We’ve got glittery, animal-print, polka-dot and solid-color masks you can choose from. You can add stickers and draw to customize your mask.

We’ll have several colors of capes to pick from.

You can create arm cuffs and/ or a belt out of foam!

We’ll have other materials for you to customize your superhero outfit even more. Hope you can join us and become part of the superheroes of Lawrence! Superhero Day will be held at the Carnegie Building, at 9th and Vermont.


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