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Find the YA Novel that Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Looking for a funny book? Well we know that people have different ideas of what makes a book hilarious, so we’ve rounded up a list of books that are funny in different ways. There’s something sure to tickle any reader’s funny bone on this list!


  1. I wrote a funny YA book! I guarantee either a laugh, guffaw or an eye roll on every page…just sharin’!

    JESTERS INCOGNITO by Harrison Wheeler

  2. Julia says:

    Thanks for this–it’s so handy! I’ve forwarded your link to our school librarian for use in the library!

  3. Ann Perrigo says:

    No list of humorous books is complete without David Lubar’s Sleeping Freshman Never Lie, or a couple oldie but goodies: Vampire High by Douglas Rees and Thwonk by Joan Bauer. And how about a book written for adults with incredible humorous appeal for teens? Try The Radleys by Matt Haig!

  4. Sarah Sloane says:

    The Marble Game by Sarah Sloane (me) will make you smile and Marley’s Blog, written by a cat character from The Marble Game, will make you laugh.

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