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It’s in the Bag

The most crucial aspect of any successful book club meeting is having a book to discuss – without that, you’re kinda just hanging out.  But it can be a challenge selecting a title and finding enough copies for everyone in the group.  And once everyone finally gets their hands on a copy, they tend to appreciate some time to read it.  Our Book Club in a Bag service is here to help!

In each of our Book Club Bags, we have 10-12 copies of a great book, plus a handy guide to help kick-off a lively conversation.  We have over 90 sets to choose from, ranging from literary classics to recent bestsellers, all sure to spark thoughtful discussion.  Each bag will check out for 8 weeks, giving plenty of time to distribute and enjoy the books between meetings.

To browse the Book Club in a Bag sets in our Catalog, just click here.

When you are ready to reserve your bag, simply fill out this request form.

You can request a Book Club in a Bag just days before you need it – or if your group likes to plan ahead, up to a year in advance.  If the title you selected is unavailable on your preferred date, we will let you know when it will be ready next.  The only thing left to worry about is the snacks!


  1. Carrie Wendel says:

    I thought I was sending an email rather than posting a reply! Oops. For something more appropriate for public board, I think bookclub in a bag is great!

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