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Puzzle Games

The following list of games all fall under the category of “Puzzle Games”.  They ask a player to use logic, creativity, and critical thinking to form solutions.  Most importantly, a player of any age will have fun while testing and developing those skills.  As always, each game comes with an ESRB rating of E for Everyone, meaning they can be played by a puzzle solver of any age.  More information about the ESRB rating system can be found here.
Tetris Party Deluxe – Nintendo Wii
A reimagining of the classic, Tetris Party Deluxe features the traditional falling block and line clearing action gamers are familiar with along with multiple new ways to play.  New modes include a beginners mode with easier to manipulate blocks, a balance board mode where players may use the Wii Balance Board to play, shadow mode where players race to fill in a specific shape, and many other new ways to play!

Portal 2 – XBox 360 (Also Available on PS3)
It’s difficult to describe and classify the exact genre of Portal 2.  It’s best described as a first person shooting puzzle platformer.  A player must use creative manipulation of portals that can be shot on the walls, floors, and ceilings to make it through obstacle filled rooms.  Portal 2 has received nearly universal critical acclaim for its unique play experience, and it’s a game that needs trying out to fully understand and appreciate.

Angry Birds Trilogy – Playstation 3
The popular phone-app makes its way to the console and your television!  Known for its simple but addictive gameplay, a player must control the flock of angry birds to rescue the eggs from the thieving pigs  Game contains the first three titles in the angry birds series:  Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio.


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