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Staff Picks: Rootless by Chris Howard

I picked up Rootless because the summary mentioned a future with no trees and a young man building “trees” for rich people out of metal and plastic. Environmental apocalypse and a protagonist artist building “trees” for those that oppress him? Yes please! Sadly, as I am often too impulsive with books, I did not check to see if the book was a “stand alone” or part of a series. Oops! 

Perhaps if I had known the book was a part of the series, I wouldn’t have been so angry when I got to the end… which was clearly not an end since there were too many story lines left open. My frustration aside, the book was good enough for me to recommend it. I liked the character building and the similar travels and travails as those in Grapes of Wrath. There were also some scientific twists that I did not see coming. A definite read for sci-fi and dystopia fans!

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