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The Creative Books of Hervé Tullet

I was lucky enough to hear Hervé Tullet, the wildly creative children’s book illustrator and author, speak recently. His work is propelled by ideas and his thoughtful books inspire readers to reconsider what a picture book can be. He doesn’t tell a traditional story… he takes us on an adventure! 

Tullet said that each of his books takes the style of an idea. He’s created the playful, interactive The Game of Light  that is meant to be read with a flashlight. As you read, you can shine a flashlight on the page to create an array of shapes on the wall. Another fun book to read with the lights out is The Game in the Dark , which features glow in the dark pages!

He’s also created an app! He decided to create an experience rather than a book. The app, Press Here, is a series of digital games inspired by the book of the same name. Here’s a link to the app.

Give Tullet’s books a try and you’ll add something special to your reading time at home. The library has a number of his books to get you started~ take a look.


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