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A perfect book

Looking for that perfect book, one you can’t put down?  Now add carnival life, ghosts, a dog, a pig and an amazing young girl named Bee. Now you have the making of such a book.  Beholding Bee by Kimberly Newton Fusco is that title.  Beatrice, known as Bee, is an orphan living in a traveling carnival show.  She and her caretaker, Pauline, live in the back of one of the trucks.  Bee was born with a large, diamond shaped birthmark on her face which she tries to hide with her hair. Bee is also the object of cruel remarks and actions by both children and adults.  All the while, Bee is helped through these horrible events by a kind, older woman in an orange, floppy hat.  The interesting thing is, only Bee and her dog, Peabody, can see this woman.  When Pauline is assigned to a new carnival the owner is setting up, Bee is left on her own. When the time comes for her to escape, she and Peabody rescue a lovely, little pig named Cordelia.  The three set off on an amazing journey.  This book is truly a page turner.  With chilling moments throughout, two worlds come together.  This book is one for an older reader, grades 5 & up, in my opinion.  I loved this book. Beholding Bee truly left me wanting more.  I hope you’ll feel the same.


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