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Civil War Fashion Show

We’re putting a special historical twist on fashion by celebrating the looks that were in style during the Civil War. Participants in the program have chosen people that were associated¬†with Lawrence during the time of Quantrill’s raid and created updated modern looks with some inspiration from the past. Come see all of their hard work on Sunday, July 28 at our Civil War Fashion Show!

Civil War Fashion Show
Sunday, July 28
2:00 pm
Watkins Community Museum of History
Reception to follow

If you have questions or want more info about this program, please email Karen Allen at



  1. What fun!! I would love to be involved if you need a helper. One of my many passions is historic/time appropriate attire–I also have a dress that I used for Black Jack events and it is from that era. Not fancy -more prairie.

  2. Michele Kumm says:

    This fashion show was absolutely wonderful! It was an incredible idea to begin with but to see the work that went into all of it – the learning and interpreting and creating – applause to everyone involved, especially those ladies that put so much effort into showing us their incredible creativity. What an awesome job!

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