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Storyless May, then summer!

May is the month that the Children’s team takes time off from the ongoing storytimes, to prepare for summer. The exception is the Thursday night storytime for 3 and ups, which will soldier right on. Please come to the library anyway, but be aware your storytime may not be happening. The regular schedule resumes on May 28, the day after the Memorial Day weekend. Check here for details.

Isn’t summer a time to relax? Apparently not for libraries. During June and July on a typical week the Children’s staff will provide 14 separate storytimes, clubs, performances, etc. for ages 8 months through 5th grade. School children in Lawrence will bring home a sheet with preliminary information for your planning phase, but be sure to check the website and pick up an actual paper calendar as the schedule solidifies. This year, because of our smaller space, the larger events will be in the Carnegie Building, so always check the location before you leave home.

The Carnegie was the library when I was a child. We walked in a lower entrance, now covered with lawn, on the east side directly into the lower level of the oldest part. I was horse crazy and remember checking out every book by Walter Farley (The Black Stallion and many more) from a pleasant librarian who was probably a young woman but I thought was ancient. The Farley books still are popular, and we are on our third library location.



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  1. Andrea Dennehy says:

    I’m the librarian at Perry Lecompton Middle School (grades 5 – 8) and I would love to hand out an information sheet to at least the 5/6 graders. Could you give me copies of what you are giving Lawrence schools? If you have them printed and have enough to spare, I could pick them up on a weekend. We only have 130 or so 5/6 so it’s not exorbitant.

    I’d love to give the 7/8 something about the teen programs and will investigate that as well. Thank you! Andrea

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