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Summer in the Magic Tree House

Are you looking for some great reading adventures for the summer?  Try joining Jack and Annie, two lucky children who discover a tree house, a magic librarian and a wizard to help them travel all over the world and through time.

Mary Pope Osborne’s amazing Magic Tree House fiction series is waiting on the shelves of the Young Fiction section for you to discover.  There are now 49 books, with number 50 coming out in July.  So if you like the stories, you know you will have plenty to read for a long time. The Magic Tree House is great for children 6  to 9 years old and their families, for reading and for listening.  Keep an atlas and/or a globe handy to keep track of where you go.

The books are written in groups of four titles and involve a mystery Jack and Annie have to solve. It is best to read the books in order, to get the whole story, to find all the clues and to understand the mystery in each set  The first four books are Dinosaurs before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, Pirates Past Noon.

Many of the titles have a companion non-fiction book, called a Research Guide or Fact Tracker, that explores the history and geography of the story in a lively way and offers lots of general information about the subject and time period.  Be sure to check one out after you read the corresponding chapter book!  The first four are Dinosaurs, Knights and Castles, Mummies and Pyramids, and Pirates.

Go to the Magic Tree House website at to set up your own My Library account, answer trivia questions about each book and get your website Passport page stamped!

You can find a complete list of titles on the website or ask at the Children’s desk.  Put titles on reserve at the Library so you can read the stories in order, and solve the many mysteries waiting for you in the Magic Tree House. I highly recommend the Magic Tree House to the whole family for an exciting experience!


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