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Which is worse? Chasing deadly storms or dealing with an alcoholic parent?

In The Waiting Sky, Jane is storm chasing with her older brother, Ethan, for the summer. She has mixed feelings about being away from her home in Minnesota, where her mom is suffering from alcoholism. After a car accident caused by Jane’s mom that almost killed Jane and her best friend, Cat, Jane leaves to clear her head and get some distance between herself and her mother. The mixed feelings she’s having involve her fears that her mother will possibly die without her and the relief she feels at not having to always be taking care of her mother. Jane is also experiencing mixed feelings towards her brother because she’s grateful to have a place to run to, but also mad at him for having left her alone with their mother a few years ago. Over the summer, Jane begins to realize the parallels between chasing tornadoes and living with an alcoholic parent. 

This book is wonderful! The writing is quick paced and engrossing. The characters’ issues are relatable and their back stories engrossing. Jane’s path of self discovery is helped along by her warm and fabulous friend, Cat; her strong and loving brother, Ethan; and a new person in her life, the witty, charming, and handsome storm chase intern, Max. This isn’t a romantic love story as I expected. It’s a story about a girl learning to love herself! A must read!

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