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Build, Blast, And Grab!

One of the advantages of playing in virtual reality is that games allow a player to build entire new worlds and puzzles without leaving the comfort of their home.  The following is a list of games critically acclaimed for their simplicity revolving around the idea of building and construction.  As usual, each game is rated E for Everyone so the materials involved for building are all age hazard free.  More info can be found on the ESRB Rating system here:

Boom Blox – Wii
This puzzle based game involves building, blasting, grabbing, and throwing your way through whatever challenge comes your way.  Players are free to build their own block based custom levels and puzzles to share with friends for an infinite source of new challenges.

Minecraft – XBox 360

Minecraft xbox

Minecraft for the XBox 360 features much of the build and create game play loved from its counterpart on the PC.  Players are given the same building freedoms they find on the PC but are also given a revamped crafting system, control interface, and compatibility with online play through XBox Live.

Little Big Planet – Playstation 3

Little Big PlanetPlay thru a hefty collection of developer challenges, cooperatively or competitively. Create your own worlds. Build your own levels, create obstacles and even “meanies.” Share the fun and submit your levels for others to play. Or just join your friends and play levels designed by other players around the world!


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