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Pedal It!

What do you like best about riding a bicycle?  Is it the freedom of flying down the road, feeling the breeze against your skin?  Do you thrill to go far and fast, using your own power?  Pedal It! How Bicycles Are Changing the World by Michelle Mulder, is the book for you.  Although some ride for pleasure only, many people in countries all over the world depend on bicycles to improve their lives. In places where people can’t afford cars, bicycles are the next best Pedal It!option, for emergencies and for daily life.  For many families, a bicycle saves hours every week because they can carry big loads of fuel for cooking fires or jugs of drinking water instead of making many trips. In many cultures, a bicycle is a prized possession.

Even stationary bicycles are used to generate power to provide electricity and charge batteries.  In Europe, for example, many people use bicycles for short trips. Cycling is so popular in the Netherlands that 30 to 40 percent of all trips are made by bicycle. Studies show that when more people ride bicycles, governments save money on road repair and health care.  Riding a bicycle also helps solve the problems of pollution and obesity!  This wonderful book provides inspiring stories of the many ways bicycles improve lives.  Hopefully, after reading “Pedal It!” we will all look at bicycling not just as a fun activity but a very conscious way to help our environment and improve our health. Happy riding!


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