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Picture Books Not Just for Little Kids!

In the PICTURE BOOKS FOR OLDER READERS section of the Children’s Area, you will find some great stories for family sharing.  This collection, located at the north end of the computer desks, is full of wonderfully illustrated books for children seven years old and older! Look for the following titles and discover some new adventures for growing minds.


The Mary CelesteThe Mary Celeste:  An Unsolved Mystery from History by Jane Yolen and Heidi Elizabet Stemple, illustrated by Roger Roth

A young girl shares the facts that are known about the unexplained disappearance of all people aboard the ship Mary Celeste in 1872.  The captain, his entire family and ship’s crew went missing.  After you have studied the facts and clues, see if you can be a good detective and figure out what you think happened!

The King of Quizzical IslandThe King of Quizzical Island by Gordon Snell, illustrated by David McKee

This remarkable book was published in 1978 and reissued in 2009.  These words in this story are magical in their rhythm and rhyme and must be read aloud!  The illustrations are equally amazing and full of delightful details.  When no one can answer his question about what is at the edge of the world, the King of Quizzical Island builds a boat and sets sail to find out for himself, despite the objections of his fearful people.  You can travel with the King on all the imaginative experiences he has!

Lucky BeansLucky Beans by Becky Birtha, illustrated by Nicole Tadgell

During the Great Depression, a boy named Marshall uses lessons learned in math class and some ideas from his mother to figure out how many beans are in a jar.  If he comes closer than anyone else’s guess, he will win a new sewing machine for his mother.  He is trying to find a way to help his family survive.  Do you think he can do it?

 Marguerite Makes a BookMarguerite Makes a Book by Bruce Robertson, illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt

In medieval Paris, France, a girl named Marguerite finds a way to help her nearly-blind father with a special project.  He has to finish painting an illuminated manuscript (a beautiful, colorful decorated book) for Lady Isabelle.  Will Marguerite be able to do what her father cannot do?  Travel back in time and discover her story.


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