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Teen Zone Debuts OUYA Gaming System

The Teen Zone will give Teens the opportunity to play on the new recently acquired OUYA system.  You’re invited to come check it out!

The OUYA is an Android based gaming system with hundreds of free to try games available to use.  Information about the system can be found on the developer’s website:

The library has a large list already preloaded for trial by players, but the full library can be found here: .  Some games that are already loaded include a large Super Nintendo Emulator, Final Fantasy III, and other independent developed games.

If you’re interested in trying the OUYA, just sign out for a controller at the Teen Zone Desk!  Players must be in Grades 6-12 to participate.  The Teen Zone has two controllers available, but the system has 4-player capability if there is a demand for more controllers.

Let the desk know what you’re favorite games are as we work to expand our library!

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