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A New Patricia MacLachlan story

Patricia MacLachlan, best known for her book, Sarah Plain and Tall and sequels, has written a delightful new story.  It’s about a boy, his grandmother and a very good dog.  The book is titled The Truth of Me and will no doubt be a popular addition to her many highly praised books.  The young boy in this story is Robbie, and he and his dog, Ellie, spend the summer at his grandmother’s house.  Robbie and Ellie love to stay with his grandmother Maddy, who seems to have special powers over the animals who live in the nearby woods.  Why, she even shared her cornbread with a bear!  They both sat on a log, eating together.  Maddy definitely has the trust of all the forest creatures.

During a camping adventure, she falls and breaks her ankle.  Robbie has to put fear aside and draw all the courage and strength he can to help his beloved grandmother.  With the help of his wonderful dog, Robbie gets the help his grandmother desperately needs.  And along the way, Robbie begins to understand what being a family is all about.  This sweet book is definitely a quick read but a read that will leave a lasting impression.

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